Karl Hlamkin & DZO „300 Chinaman“ Tour 2019

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“300 Chinaman” – Europatour. New album out 2019!

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Tickets germany.ru: http://bit.ly/2FBOCZb

*** MAY/JUNE 2019 ***
Fr, 17.05.2019 – D, Bayern, Augsburg @ Kradhalle im Kulturpark West
Sa, 18.05.2019 – D, Leipzig @ UT Connewitz @ Baikaltrain DISCO
Do, 23.05.2019 – D, Berlin @ Frannz Club; Support: PanTurbia
Fr, 24.05.2019 – D, Brandenburg, Potsdam @ Tanztage in der Fabrik Potsdam
Sa, 25.05.2019 – LV, Riga @ Melnā Piektdiena
Mo, 27.05.2019 – D, Bremen @ Litfass – EINTRITT FREI
Do, 30.05.2019 – D, Niedersachsen, Güstritz (Wendland) @ Villa Wendland – EINTRITT FREI (Hutkasse)
Fr, 31.05.2019 – D, Niedersachsen, Dannenberg @ Raum 2
So, 02.06.2019 – D, Niedersachsen, Schnega @ Southcentral – Nachtpunkt Süd – EINTRITT FREI (Hutkasse)

*** JUNE/JULY 2019 ***
Fr, 29.06.2019 – D, Baden-Württemberg, Weil Am Rhein @ Bläserfestival
Sо, 30.06.2019 – D, Baden-Württemberg, Mannheim @ Open Air (tba)
Do, 04.07.2019 – HR-Zagreb @ Crossover Festival Zagreb

The tour will be supported by  germany24.ru I germany.ru I europa24.ru

Karl Hlamkin & DZO is an explosive mixture of Croatian-Latvian salsa, Tatar chants, Irish whiskey chanson, Gypsy drum’n’bass, Jewish shamanism and Jamaican psychedelic.

„What we do, – says Hlamkin, – is just mixing and drinking to get some absurd in the end – this is all we need.“

If you haven’t seen Karl Hlamkin and DZO’s concerts then you just don’t like strong drinks in the morning, dancing on the corner of a high-rise, harsh Fidel tobacco and a black eye. Mysterious rumbling of drums, delirious screaming about broken glasses and broken hearts, city neighbourhoods where vagrants set nights on fire, get shaved while looking into broken shop-windows and where morning comes as a last resort.

Karl Hlamkin – ex-citizen of Latvia, artist and missionary, mastermind of underground festivals – put together the orchestra in 2002 and recorded debut album with provocative title „Hlamkin Shut up!“. It reached last positions of radio charts and got positive reviews in glossy magazines. Next albums „Davay Zabuhaem Orchestra“ and „01“ proved that it is impossible to perceive this music adequately as well as to define its style.

Imperfection in perfection.

„Achtung! Achtung! Don’t use your eau de cologne“ – shouts Karl and shoots into the parlour. They perform with Gogol Bordello in Siberia, Zap Mama in Belgium, Baobab Orchestra in Germany, they visit big festivals Esperanza and Fusion, they are engaged in alternative cinema, they post idiotic videos on YouTube and they wake up to find themselves famous in some club with lightbulbs unscrewed from chandeliers.

You won’t need it anymore.
Chaos is under way.

P.S.: „You will dance even if you have only one leg!“

2003 Хламкин, заткнись! (Hlamkin, shut up!) ‎(CD, Album)
2004 Карл Хламкин и ДавайЗабухаемОркестр – Да ‎(Yes) (CD, Album) w.DavayZabuhaem Orchestr
2007 Карл Хламкин И Огнеопасноркестр – 01 ‎(CD, Album) w. Inflammable Orchestra

On Tour:
Karl Hlamkin – lead vocals, percussion
Dmitry Alekseev – Trombone
Oleg Larionov – trumpet
Vasily Streltsov – tenor saxophone
Mark Makarov – guitar
Sergey Belyaev – bass guitar
Maxim Voitov – drums tehnology

Last played (selection in Europe):
Germany: Augsburg (Anna-Hof), Berlin (Hangar 49), Berlin (SO36), Bochum (Bahnhof Langendreer), Dannenberg (Raum 2), Erfurt (Stadtgarten Erfurt), Frankfurt am Main (Das Bett), Gießen (AK44), Greifswald (IKUWO), Halle (Saale) (VLLudgwigstrasse), Hamburg (Übel & Gefährlich), Husum (Speicher), Köln (Stadtgarten), Krefeld (Kulturrampe), München (Klub 8below), Nürnberg (Desi), Potsdam (Fabrik Potsdam), Wiesbaden (Schlachthof)
Belgium: Tournai (Le Phare)
France:  Lille (Resto Soleil)
Netherlands: Groningen (ORKZbar), Leeuwarden (Prinsentuin)
Baden (Royal), Biel (Etage)
Austria: Innsbruck (Treibhaus), Vienna (Ostklub)

Festivals: AirBag Festival (B), Dranouter Festival (B), Esperanzah! (B), Festival d’Accordéon de Wazemmes (FR), FUSION FESTIVAL (D), Sinksenfeesten (B), Spring Break 14 (CH), Wereldfeest (B), WUDZDOG Open Air Dornstadt (D) 

Travel Party: 8 (7 musicians, 1 driver/sound technician)

Booking contact: vadim at flast dot info

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