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Tour was postponed from September 2020 to May 2021
(more dates tba)

Sa, 01.05.2021 – DE Leipzig, UT Connewitz (infos tba)
Su, 02.05.2021 – DE Berlin, p.a.n.d.a theater – as Tres Muchachos & Compañeros !
Tu, 04.05.2021 – DE Hamburg, Freundlich+Kompetent – as Tres Muchachos & Compañeros !
Th, 06.05.2021 – DE Bendorf, Bier-Schmiede
We, 12.05.2021 – DE Stralsund, Bühne Blechwerk
Fr, 14.05.2021 – DE Hamburg, Kultur Palast
Sa, 15.05.2021 – DE Lübeck, Treibsand
We, 19.05.2021 – DE Hannover, LUX
Fr, 21.05.2021 – DE Berlin, SO36

So, 08.08.2021 – DE Brandenburg, Dretzn Festival

Sa, 25.09.2021 – DE Radebeul, Radebeuler Weinfest
Su, 26.09.2021 – DE Radebeul, Radebeuler Weinfest

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MARKSCHEIDER KUNST – probably the most famous world music band in Russia with a new, meanwhile, ninth album „Freedom“. The Markscheiders have been at the largest festivals like at home and in numerous clubs worldwide since 1992. The band’s music is used in TV reports, and their songs can be heard in many movies. Until 2018 they were on major tours through Europe almost every year. After a small break, the story of success continues, the audience is thrilled anew and each face celebrated a smile! KWASA-KWASA!

„Everything is stirred together, shaken and served hot.“

Kvasa Kvasa

Festival Medellín Vive la Música 2015

Markscheider (German) – mining engineer or technician, specialist for spatial-geometric measurements in the interior of the earth and on the corresponding sections of its surface with the following image on plans, maps and sections during mining and geological exploration.

The name MARKSCHEIDER KUNST (MK or MKUNST) does not carry a special, hidden semantic burden and everything that is told in response to questions about its nature and origin is mere fiction and provocation. The same applies to the themes of style and genre preferences! The Markscheiders imperceptibly transcend anniversaries and are without doubt part of the cultural code of any inhabitant of the banks of the Neva.

Starting with rockabilly music in 1992, MK followed a policy of popularizing Latin American, Jamaican, and generally ethnic music in the middle of the decade, and introduced words like Ska, Cumbia, Reggae, Afrobit, Kwasa-Kwasa, Merengue, and Bossa Nova to the Neva -Lexicon new.

Many journalists have written a lot of articles about MKUNST over the years and found that it is not an easy task to define clearly the style of the band.

The cast of MKUNST is constantly changing. Since the beginning of the „surveying movement“ many glorious people have passed the fiery water crucibles. All of them have influenced the development and formation of the creative team in one way or another (and sometimes continue to do so).

Current band & crew members:
Sergey Efremenko (EFR) since 1992 – guitar, vocals, lyrics
Vladimir Matushkin (Nguba) since 1995 – guitar, vocals
Kirill Oskin since 1992 – Bass
Kirill Ipatov since 1995 – Timpani, Congas
Danila Prokopiev since 2007 – drums, tymbals
Egor Popov since 2017 – trumpet
Anton Boyarsky since 2017 – trombone
Denis Rachkov since 2000 – guitar, coordination
Lazarev Pavel – sound

Apart from their favourite activity at MARKSCHEIDER KUNST, the band members are involved in various musical side projects, with which they are successfully performing not only in Russia, such as bands „Tres Muchachos & Compañeros“ and „St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review“.

„Markscheider Kunst build a bridge between Manu Chao and the wild Russian disco hype.“ (Musikexpress)


Booking contact:
vadim at flast dot info